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I met this girl named Ana
She was lovely tall and thin
She promised me the same facade if I’d just let her in

She filled my mind with pictures
Of girls she’d led astray
Said “honey you can be like them,
Just throw your life away”

My mirror started taking
In a voice like Ana’s chime
Told me I’d been fat too long
My body looked a crime

My friends left me abandoned
They followed her demand
My bones began to shatter
Into little bits of sand

I waged a war at every meal
One calorie one sin
Washed myself with holy water
Can’t let the devils win

Ana promised me perfection
But what I didn’t know
Is in the dream of “perfect”
Your friend becomes your foe

Yes Ana started talking
For hours every day
She’d turn my head at every meal
Who needs food anyway?

And just when things got really bad
Ana left me too
I thought I’d end up six feet under
Would have if not for you

You took the place of Ana
Removed the cobwebs in my bed
Brought comfort to my freezing bones
And warmth Into my bed

Haven’t seen Her face in ages
I thought she was no more
But today a gentle rapping joined Ana at my door

Her voice brought hollow comfort
Her smile brought minor pain
And if you hadn’t shook me up
I’d be hers once again

You chased her from my mind
Told her “don’t you dare come back”
I guess it was the perfect time
Said “baby, won’t do that.”

– I Met This Girl Named Ana || H.V. (via my-hidden-voices)

(via kandykanesandkisses)


starbucks iced coffee tastes like poop water but its ok i dont have to drink mine cause i put it on top of my car to get my keys out and then just drove away